Rabbit Poop

Yep, you read that right, freaking rabbit poop. My youngest daughter has a lop ear rabbit, Miss Lola. Miss Lola has had a problem here recently of always having poop stuck in her very fine, always shedding, angora coat! So after some research I found out rabbits have two kinds of poop! Did you know that, because I feel like I should really share the knowledge here!

Poop one: a thicker, runnier poop, not the pellet poop people are so familiar with. Apparently the little hares are not good at retaining the nutrients they get from thier food, so first poop, is nutrient rich poop that they what? They eat! Now who is feeling nauseated? So once they eat this nutrient enriched poop, then you get the pellet poop. So good diet, good poop!

Now my daughter, who suffers from mild intellectual disorder, autism, and unspecified impulse control disorder, tends to need to have things in very specific ways. (God bless my child) So let’s take Miss Lola’s hay that she gets along with her pellet food. The pellet food is no problem. It goes in a nice little feeder hangs in the side of the cage. The hay, however, goes into a metal feeding pan, that Miss Lola uses as a play toy and flings the pan all over, making quite the noise. Also making my daughter a little frustrated so she will remove the pan and the hay. We need the hay to make the good poop!!!

Now here is the fun part of what happens when your rabbit doesnt have a well balanced diet, and poor poop. You and your daughter, setting at a table with Miss Lola on her back gladding exposing her poop crusted, matted, smelly, angora hair flying everywhere ass, while you try to use clippers, scissors, straight razor or what ever you can to get the the poop off your daughter’s rabbit’s ass!!!!!!!!

Yep rabbit poop!!!