Take a Pill

Today started like any other day. I pulled myself out of bed around 7am, right around the time hubby leaves for work. The youngest daughter was up getting ready since I had to take her to a vocational rehab appointment. I go through my morning routine; breakfast, get dressed, pull up my hair, contacts in, brush teeth and good to go. We still had a little time before we needed to leave so I paid a few bills. . . and lost track of time.

Now I am one who suffers from “some” anxiety issues and growing up we were taught if you weren’t 15 to 20 minutes early you are late. So looked at the clock and we had 18 minutes to be ON TIME. I asked my kid if she was ready to go, something I should had done 15 minutes prior to this, because she had to put her shoes and socks on. For a high functioning special needs kid with autism, shoes and socks are a process.

So the anxiety level is slowing rising, probably should have taken a pill then, but hey I got this. So we make it to her appointment with 4 minutes to spare! Okay these appointments usually take about an hour, so I will normally just sit and wait. Today her Job Coach, Miss Angie, informed me that they would be done around 12 or 1230. I am sorry, what? Her appointment time was 930 so 3 hours. I need a plan here people!!! You just don’t surprise someone with an extra 2 hours of their life like that. Okay, anxiety spike. . .still got it.

Leaving the kid behind with the spur of the moment job coach, I head towards the Wal-Mart. Now our Wal-Mart has been doing some remodeling, not that I had learned where things were anyways, now I really cant find anything. So upon entering the store nature starts calling. I go to the restrooms in the front of the store, and a nice lady informed me there were two vacant stalls, however; they were gross. I will pass.

Heading towards the electronic department I see the sign for restroom in the back of the store. Okay, here we go: I go in, one lady washing her hands and NO ONE ELSE! Golden. So I proceed to one of the stall to do my business. As business proceeds as usual, I am thinking, wow peace and quiet, no dogs busting through the bathroom door because I went to far away, no noise from a kid or a needy hubby. . .nope just me and my business.

Okay business done, anxiety in check, now to find what I was looking for. Ask first person for an armband phone case the daughter has been wanting. They carry one. Not going to get it until she is with me so on to item two. Darts -the hubby needs a hobby and has mentioned throwing darts, possibly at my head, I dont know but off to find darts. So now have to ask person number two. Found the darts! Now to find beef broth, up and down like four isles where you THINK it might be, down one isle twice. I find it one more isle over and out the door we go. Okay so get home start roast. We are good.

Time to get the kid. Miss Angie didn’t tell me an exact time so ten minutes until 12 I texted my daughter and told her to let me know what time I needed to get her. She informed me she was back. Okay well shit, now my daughter is just waiting on me. I head to town and BAM, road construction. Just one long line of cars inching along like a troop of ants. So get to town, traffic breaks up, cross and intersection and everyone stops; funeral procession. Respects. . .waiting. . .okay moving again. Anxiety on the rise because my kid just waiting. Finally get the kid and then back home.

We get back home and I had to pee like a rushing racehorse. The kid was using her little half bathroom so I went to one in our bedroom; which by the way has been having an overflow problem. So I go pee, knowing I will need to plunge the toilet I am mentally prepared. NOT!!! I flush the toilet, water rises, I take the tank lid off and instead of lifting the stopper to get the water to stop running I freaking pull the chain and flush the damn thing again!!! Water crest the sides of the toilet and piss water runs to the floor! I turn the water off at the pipe, tears just start flowing, anxiety pouring out of my pores like the water that poured over the toilet.

The moral of this little story is when the least stressful part of your day is doing your business in the restroom at Wal-Mart. . . take a pill!!! Your anxiety will thank you for it, and so will your unsuspecting hubby who just came home for his lunch break!!