What is our role now?

Everyone says that when you become a mom, you become a mom for life. That is the truest statement I have ever heard. The problem is you see all this stuff about new moms, how to deal with a colicky baby, or should you breast feed or bottle feed. From there you go to starting kindergarten, making friends, how smart my kid is, or dealing with childhood bullies. Then high school and band practice, my kid made the varsity team, or is the valedictorian of thier class. Then maybe a little bit if college, what degree they are going for or thier class load.

But what about after all of that, what happens with us moms after that 18th birthday? We are moms for life, right? The kids are adults now, free to do as they please, free to move away, have thier own babies, make mistakes, date the wrong people, and stay in touch on thier own terms. Where are all the articles and discussions that discusses this craziness?

So how do we as moms mother when our children’s lives are no longer in our hands??? What is the process of switching our roles as moms?