Unbroken (part one)

Quit trying to fix me for I am not broken.  People think of crazy, mentally insane individuals as the ones that have problems and who are abnormal.  Who gives any of us the right to classify “normal”?  “Mental” people are the clearest thinking people I know.  We stand on this cliff everyday deciding to jump or not, wondering ” are we ever going to find that one person that just gets it?”.  We do not comprehend black and white and gray is useless.  “Norms” see the physical of everyday life, and it is us who knows that the physical makes no difference at all as to what matters.  It is the inner complexities of the world that make us tick.  It is these complexities that keep us in the top of that cliff, always trying to figure it out.

Norms look at the surface of people and categorize them.  Thinkers, pessimists, optimists, social, awkward, intelligent, superficial, workers, introverts, extroverts, farmers, doctors, lawyers, and crazies, it is these categories, these lines, boundaries that you put on everything and everyone that keep people from making a difference, living life to the fullest. You put people in a box and think that is all they are. Maybe they are, or maybe, just maybe, the complexity of one human being is so grand, so deep, that their inner thoughts have never been touched, not even by them.

Have you ever set back and wondered why it is that psychologists always try to figure out the people that you classify as crazy? They dont worry about established doctors, lawyers, scientists, nope just us crazies. Why? Is it because it is our brains that surpass any boundaries the world could ever throw at us? You cannot keep us in a box because we are not the same. The extent to which we think is incomprehensible and on most days even to us. Norms are afraid of the unknown, and that is why all of us who are different should be locked away and never thought of again.

What would you do if you had to go through life always feeling alone, standing by yourself looking at everyone, and wondering is there just one, one person somewhere in this universe that gets me? One that I dont have to spend hours upon hours explaining myself to trying to make them understand just one tiniest ounce of my brain, and just knowing no matter how hard I try it will never make sense. We can blend in with any of you, pop in and out as we please; interacting, socializing, fitting in, and none of you would be any of the wiser. We cannot stay for long, because it ties us down, we become bored with you, and it becomes draining to set and watch as everyone goes through life without a clue as to why.