Finding who I am

Hey there. I know I have been pretty quiet this past week on my blog, but I am still here and kicking. So my hubby, youngest daughter and I moved to Kentucky a few months ago (I might have mentioned that before). Since we have been down here I have been focused on getting my daughter set up with all the help she needs to be as productive as she can. In doing so, I feel as if I have not figured out who I am down here, or have lost part of myself.

There are two main things I miss back home: my grandbabies and my friends. Now both may seem obvious to any of you who are interested enough to read this; but for me the friends thing is a little out of my wheel house.

Growing up I had two best friends, one of which I was literally friends with before we both started kindergarten. We are all still true friends to this day. Throughout my lifetime, however; I never considered myself having friends like those two. Yeah I have had great work friends ir my work families. I mainly worked two different jobs the majority if my adult life: I cut hair for eight years, then I worked in EMS for sixteen. Both jobs I stayed at the same company the entire length of my employment.

After I left EMS, I found myself working at a casino. I was only there for a little over two years before I quit to move to Kentucky. The things is, in the little over two years I was there I met this hodge podge of characters I consider true friends. They were not just work friends. We made it a point to hang outside of work, we hiked, we went bowling, we played pool, and went out to eat, we would meet for breakfast but most importantly we made memories.

I have made a few trips back to Indiana and when I do, even if it’s a day trip, a few of us still try to get together. I know some of you might think, “Okay, I dont get the big deal.” The deal for me is, I dont make friends, not friends like that. I have a hard time getting to know people, or more importantly letting people know me. I don’t trust easy and I set high expectations of my “friends” quickly. Expectations I don’t come out and tell them, and expect them to fail so they can be pushed away.

So you see, down here it is just me. Me, just back to be my own person, no friends, no company, besides the hubby, the kid, and the dogs. So I am looking to shed my depressional funk I have been in the last few month and rediscover who I am.

I have picked back up with my amature photography, I have started this here blog, more to just have a place to keep my random thoughts. Hiking is a passion, so I do that as much as possible. I also started a thirty day work out plan; healthy body, healthy mind.

So for now just filling my days with things that make me happy. Let’s see where that takes me.