Unbroken (part two)

We “crazy” people are not afraid to question. Why do we go through life like little toy soldiers: sleeping, getting up going to work, coming home, going to sleep just to get up and do it all over again? Why do we settle for that? People think they have control over thier lives; I call bullshit. We have control over nothing and we are idiots for thinking we do.

I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason. I do not believe our lives are predetermined; but I believe what happens is supposed to happen, good or bad. I also believe control is an illusion. The only thing we have “control” over are the choices that we make and we recieve the consequences of those choices. I can chose to be good in life, to make good choices but that will not keep bad things from happening.

Faith is the belief in something. I have faith in fate. It is our fate that we will all die. If you think about it we were all literally born to die. This terrifies a lot of people. Some would even consider it tabu to talk about. Why? Its going to happen, and I believe accepting that for what it is and not living in fear of it opens our lives to be a lot more. People have birthdays every year and I laugh at people who think thier life is coming to an end every year just because they got older. Pay close attention: you get a year older, every year, until you die. Thats it, it’s no secret. So instead of fretting about it, embrace the fact that you made it another year and you have the next year to make it better than the last. Getting older and dying are also things we do not have control over.

We have multitudes of choices throughout our lives, but we have no control if those choices will have the outcome we would like them to have. If you find yourself to be one of the lucky ones, you will have a chance to make an imprint on someone that is close to you or even a stranger while you are here. You will make your mark on this world, leave behind your foot print, and will carry on in the lives of many.

People live day to day. We can’t live today tomorrow and we never know what happened to yesterday. As I take a look back at my kife I had a lot of bad things happen. I would not change any of them because if I did, I would not be who, or where I am today. It is the things that we endure in life that make us stronger, more durable, and who we are. We only have one chance here in the world and if we just spend it flying by the seat of our pants we will never find our true purpose. We have to realize it is ok to talk about the real things; the things that are kept behind closed doors. Why do we have to keep the door shut? Let us open it up; share our stories and our deepest secrets. Maybe we will, in the process, open the eyes of others and maybe help just one person.