Birthday to Anniversary

From the moment we are born our family celebrates our life. Christenings, birthdays, baptisms, to naming ceremonies. Every year when the day you were born comes around life is a party. Even as we get older, as we make a fuss at hitting our forties, or fifties; making the fuss, again makes our birthday a big deal.

The other day, my husband was remembering three years ago on this date his former employer, someone he regarded as a father figure, mentor, and best friend, passed away. It made me think, why do we go from celebrating the life of people we love, to remembering the anniversary of their death?

Just because a soul passes on, should we still not celebrate their life? Every day I still see the life of my grandma in my mother, or my grandfather in my dad. My parents are still very much alive, but I see them in my nephews, nieces, sisters,. . .myself. So even after they pass away, they will remain with me until it is my time to pass. Generations and generations of family members and loved ones who have passed are still very much with us; if you take the time to look.

So I feel like when we stop celebrating thier life, thier birthday, and just start remembering the day they died; then in truth it is we who killed them.

I hope my families treasures more the day I was born way more than they remember the day I died. We all can be immortal if someone makes it a point to see us, and celebrate us after we are gone.

I hope I am immortal.